Five Rings partnership moves into web application beta testing

Web Application – Beta testing Phase

web application


How can we as a company do things smarter? There are so many tools available how can a web application help us?  There are always these questions from the owner down to the people fulfilling the various roles within the company.  I have thought that same thing in every job I have ever had.  From less paperwork, to how can we streamline processes and teamwork to make it a smoother effort.  I asked this question so many times and was told that can’t be done, or this is how we do things and we can’t change that I finally opened my own company that builds solutions.  Now, not all of it is technology, it is understanding the way you do business, what actually needs to be accomplished and how can technology compliment that to make things easier.   The best way I know to describe what we do is think of your business and the pieces that need to happen for it to function as workflow.  There are tasks that need to be accomplished for “x” goal and certain people involved in those steps.

The foundation of any application we build is building this workflow into the application itself.  When you log in as a user the initial dashboard shows you what you need to be working on today, the next week, etc.  Off of these tasks we can build in automation, perhaps completing a task means someone else needs to be notified that it is complete.  Our application can generate various types of notifications, email, message within the application itself.  It can generate those notifications based on the event of the “x” task being completed, no need to manually trigger the update, it takes care of it for you.  This is a very simple example of how to improve things but a significant one as communication about what is going on is usually very important.

We have been fortunate enough to partner with a national financial company called Five Rings Financial to help integrate technology into their processes and workflow.  No more manually creating spreadsheet reports or re-typing information that someone has hand written.  Our application is accessible from any web enabled device, so no matter where you go as long as you can get online you can access the application.  We have been working with Five Rings for about 6 months on phase I of an application and we are excited to be moving into the Beta testing phase.  There has been a lot of hard work by all involved, not only building the application itself but getting to know Five Rings and how they do things so that this application can compliment what they do instead of them having to change things to meet what an off the shelf application can provide.

Let us know how we can help your company, there are many ways to solve a problem and increase the bottom line.  We would love the opportunity to help your team do things smarter.

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